We're Marmt

Marmt (mar·mot) is a remote geographically dispersed team of talented creative strategists, researchers, designers and developers.

Our Solutions

Marketing & Research

We provide turn-key solutions like usability research, analytics, SEM and other "white hat" strategies. Ask us for more details.

Full-stack development

We strive to be tech agnostic utilizing frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular to back-end with expertise in Node.js, Golang and experience with Python and PHP.

Mobile Applications

We're about building mobile applications in Flutter or React Native.

Our Process

Before development, there's thinking. Our process is sharp and lets us craft the best quality.

We begin our process with research on your perfect customer. We then formulate a design strategy, verified with useabilty testing. After that we begin formal designs.


We develop first with formal engineering design docs in collaboration with our team of developers. Of course we develop with best in class tools, and we develop with these things in mind: user experience, scalability, readability, and maintainability.


You know, the back and forth between the client and us to achieve a desirable end. We're not satisifed until you are absoultely happy with our product.

A Word Tangent from the Founder

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Marmt exists because there are many digital agencies dying in the modern age that fail to evolve. We do things a bit different, but actually it’s quite simple—what the customer wants, and what the customer needs, they deserve to get.

Many agencies die technologically because developers fail to evolve themselves, and it’s easier to punch out the same technology that you know well and do it fast, but this serves the developer not the client.

Many designers don’t thrive because they’re not given freedom to be creative. They should work where they can be creative, maybe that's a museum, or library. That office open floor plan⁠—total distraction!

On that note we’re a remote first company, why? Because remote is the future. Millennials want this to happen, and as millennials replace Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers as heads of companies this will become a reality. Don’t believe me, well I made it a point to ask almost every designer and developer I worked with at Apple and Google if they prefer remote vs. on-site, and the overwhelming majority said remote. In the end I think people work best where they are comfortable.

They Trust Us

We're lucky to have worked with some of the best companies in the world, however the majority of our clients are small to medium sized businesses; our prices are competitive—and lower than most of our competitors in northern California. Let's work together!
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