We're Marmt

Marmt (mar·mot) is a full-stack engineer led agency. We're a remote geographically dispersed team that provides leading edge enterprise level expertise.

Full-stack development

We like all things JavaScript from front-end frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular to back-end with expertise in Node.js and experience with Go, Python, and PHP.

Mobile Applications

We're about building native mobile applications in Flutter or React Native.


We provide turn-key solutions like site analytics and other "white hat" strategies. Ask us for more details.

Team Leads

We're dedicated engineers with Fortune 500 Silicon Valley corporate experience and agency backgrounds.
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David Davis

Co-Founder and Lead Full-Stack Developer
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Justin Sorensen

Co-Founder and Lead Front-End Developer

Our Process

Before development, there's thinking. Our process is sharp and let us craft the best quality.

We begin our development architecture with a formal engineering design documentation phase.


We develop with best in class tools, and we develop with these things in mind: user experience, scalability, readability, and maintainability.


You know, the back and forth between the client and us to achieve a desireable end.

They Trust Us

Discover the meaning of code quality and hire our team. Let's work together.
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